Agent Carl Zombie Carl
Zombie Carl MySims Agents

Character Info Edit

Role Butler, Secret Agent
Location Boudreaux Mansion, later The Headquarters

Zombie Carl is the friendly butler of the Boudreaux family, serving them since the day he was alive. Carl has been working as a bulter for Cyrus Boudreaux for 87 years, thus getting to know Cyrus very well. Carl does many tasks throughout the mansion which includes cleaning, cooking and tending to the needs of Cyrus. During the investigation of the fortunite crystal at the mansion, there is overwhelming evidence that points to Zombie Carl as the perpertrator. The footprints and the weapon used to destroy the crystal all point to Carl and everyone is shocked to hear that he broke the crystal! But Zombie Carl got upset and ran to his attic room, where he pleads to you saying that he doesn't remember doing it and that voices in his head told him to do it. In the end, it turns out that Carl was hypnotized by Madame Zoe into breaking the fake fortunite crystal in order to dissapoint everyone and make them leave so that nobody would get possession of the fortunite and ownership of the Boudreaux Mansion. When Madame Zoe and the other guests leave, he stays behind with his friend Violet and decides to work for her as she got ownership of the estate. However, despite this, Violet and Carl can both be recruited for your agency. He was apparently brought back to life by the power of the Nightmare Crown. He seems to be abused by people in dispatch missions. He is also "InformantZ", a secret agent of Walker's who had some infomation about a mysterious woman named "Ivy". Sometimes Carl might start playing with his pet, Chesby.


He may be a rotting corpse, but you'll never find a more loyal friend in all the world. Carl has been the Boudreaux family's butler for decades, and he's never missed a day of work. Not even posthumously!

Recruit Request Message: [Player Name], I heard your call to action and I cannot resist. Please let me help you. It's the least I can do after nearly letting Zoe get away with the Fortunite Crystal!



Zombie Carl being comforted by Violet

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