Wolfah Wolfah

Character Info Edit

Role Paul's pet wolf, potential recruit
Location The Mountains, The Headquarters

Wolfah is Paul's pet wolf. You encounter Wolfah while investigating the case of Preston's disapearance. You find Wolfah by the ski lift, sniffing Preston's scarf. He then takes you on the yeti's scent but is trapped in a hunter's trap in which he needs help busting out of. He then loses the scent and needs your help finding the trail. You will need to find some yeti fur, analyze it, and then give it to him to pick up the scent again. Once he picks up the scent again, Wolfah leads you to a hidden ladder which leads to the yeti's cave. While trying to clear Paul's name, Wolfah is seen in Paul's cave. He later offers to become your agent recruit.


Recruit Request Message: Grrr...Yip! yip yip? Grrrrolf! Yip!


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