Violet MSR Icon Violet Nightshade

Character Info Edit

Residence Snowy Mountain
Car Weight Class Heavy
MorcuCorp? Yes
Role Rival Racer, MorcuCorp Employee

Violet Nightshade works for MorcuCorp and tries to run you out of Speedville. Once she is defeated, she states that she never meant any harm. She only tried to embarrass you because Morcubus threatened to kidnap Poppy. Violet races you again in the Snowy Cup to help Morcubus. Poppy also wants to give her some flowers earlier in the game.


MSR-Burning Lap Tumpus Fugit

Aim: Beat Violet's time to complete the challenge!

Introduction: So you're the new hometown hero, huh? Impressive ... But you haven't tried to take me on, yet. Beat my best time and maybe we can arrange something. // I'd hate for you to fail and get laughed out of town. Are you ready?

Gold Target: 84 seconds

Silver Target: 92 seconds

Bronze Target: 100 seconds

Course: Chilly Hill Village

Completion: My sister Poppy was right. You are fast! Umm ... here, quick! Take this before we race.

Reward: MSR-Steering Articulated Steering

MSR-1 v 1 Death Race

Aim: Reach the finish line before Violet.

Introduction: Well, this is it, a one-on-one on the mountain track. Mortal danger awaits at every turn. Pumpkins! F-Energy Storms! It's okay if you want to run away .... // Are you ready for the race of your life?

Gold Target: Beat Rival Racer by 10 seconds

Silver Target: Beat Rival Racer by 5 seconds

Bronze Target: Beat Rival Racer by 0 seconds

Course: Chilly Hill Village

Completion: Listen to me. It was Morcubus, he wanted me to run you out of town or else he'd take Poppy away! I'm sorry, [player name]!

Reward: MSR-Front Lights Dark Candelabra, MSR-Front Object Gargoyle, MSR-Rear Object Pile o' Skulls

Car Stats

Violet Car Stats

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