Agent Violet Violet Nightshade

Character Info Edit

Role Boudreaux Mansion owner, potential recruit
Location Boudreaux Mansion, later The Headquarters

Violet comforting Zombie Carl.

Violet Nightshade is a kind, though mysterious, intelligent young woman who loves the darkness. She can be somewhat secretive and prefers not to talk about herself. She was one of the invited guests to the Boudreaux Mansion. Cyrus Boudreaux knew Violet and Poppy's mother and was good friends with her when they. After he passed away, Cyrus wrote a will, trusting Violet to the fortunite and his whole mansion. Madame Zoe, enraged by the fact that Cyrus was giving the mansion and fortunite to Violet instead of her, his own neice, set up a plan to try to get the fortunite for herself. Before everyone came to the mansion, she stole the fortunite and replaced it with a fake replica of the fortunite. Using her hypnotism, she hypnotized the butler, Zombie Carl, from a shaft above his room into breaking the fake replica of the fortunite. Zoe hid the real fortunite somewhere for herself. You, by mistake, accuse Carl of the crime and present the evidence, leading everyone to scold him and prompting him to run off to his room. His only friend, Violet, steps up for him and pleads that you find out if he was set up, and he was, by Madame Zoe. After some investigation, you find out Madame Zoe was actually scheming to keep the fortunite and mansion, trying to make it seem like the fortunite was broken and everyone should just go home. Once her crime was exposed, she gives up the deed to the estate and fortunite to Violet, the trustee in the will, and leaves to find fortunite somewhere in the world. Violet is available to recruit after you complete investigation at the mansion, being very thankful for helping out her friend Carl and solving the mystery of the fortunite.


Violet is kind, but mysterious. Her love of things dark or deadly can scare some people away but those who actually try to engage her discover a soft-voiced and intelligent young women.

Violet Recruit Profile

Recruit Request Message: That was impressive work back at the mansion. Perhaps I should take a more active role in protecting the world from evil men. And I'd be closer to Poppy...


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