VictoriaPortal Victoria

Character Info Edit

Role Student

Victoria is young girl and an excellent tennis ball player. You first meet her depressed inside her house. Her parents have not been sending letters to her recently while they've been away. After cheering her up, Victoria introduces you to the Tennis Court and challenges you to a match. Winning or losing, either way, she will now allow you to play tennis at the Tennis Court whenever you wish to do so.

Profile Edit

Name: Victoria

Age: 10

Gender: Female

Occupation: Student

Description: Her parents are famous tennis players. She's so good at tennis that she can play better than most adults!

Characters EventsEdit

Play with VictoriaEdit

Victoria is sad about not getting letters from her parents. Play tennis with her!

New PracticeEdit

Victoria knows a new way to practice tennis. Try it out!

More Challenging TennisEdit

Practice has just become a bit harder! Try it!

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