Vic MSR Icon Vic Vector

Character Info Edit

Role Arcade Owner
Business Vic's Arcade
Residency Stunt Land Theme Park

Vic Vector returns to own another arcade. He lives and tends to his arcade in the Stunt Land Theme Park. He assigns the star racer tasks to help his business expand. His first task is that he wants you to participate in his race dedicated to older video games. Vic then decides your ready for the next level! He asks you to go around a newer track going through an obstacle course. Vic Vector announces that you are good enough for his bonus level! He wants you to go through as many gates as you can.


MSR-Race 8-Bit Race

Aim: Finish in 1st, 2nd or 3rd place.

Introduction: Dude! You're [player name], the racer! You're awesome! You should totally enter the race I'm sponsoring. // We're goin' old school, retro-gaming style, with 8-bit action and pinball-style obstacles. Power-Ups are strictly Force Fields and Soccer Balls. // Want me to place your quarter in the queue?

Gold Target: Finish in 1st Place

Silver Target: Finish in 2nd Place

Bronze Target: Finish in 3rd Place

Course: Pinball Canyon

Completion: Awesome, [player name], you got the high score! Your initials will be remembered for generations to come! Oh, here is a bonus treat for you.

Reward: MSR-Steering 4W Power Steering, MSR-Rear Bumpers Magnetic Hitch

MSR-Obstacle Course Death by Pinball

Aim: Reach finish before time runs out.

Introduction: Hey, [player name], ready for the next level? I've designed a totally brutal obstacle course. You're going to need all of those gamer reflexes for this one! // Think you can beat it? No cheat codes allowed!

Gold Target: 60 seconds

Silver Target: 70 seconds

Bronze Target: 80 seconds

Course: Dr. F's Daredevil Drive

Completion: Woah! You destroyed it! And I thought I had tuned that level too difficult! Too bad I don't have time for another turning pass ...

Reward: MSR-Engine Lithium Plasma Engine, MSR-Horn High-Pitched

MSR-Beat The Clock Chef Gino's Bonus Round

Aim: Pass as many gates as you can before time runs out. (Time limit is 55 seconds, plus 10 seconds for every gate you pass through)

Introduction: Dude, way to make me feel like a total n00b! I think you've earned your way into the bonus level!!! // You all ready to go?

Gold Target: Pass through 27 gates

Silver Target: Pass through 18 gates

Bronze Target: Pass through 9 gates

Course: Pinball Canyon

Completion: w00t! That was positively, absolutely, totally, seriously awesome, dude. Really. Take this ultra-rare drop as a reward.

Reward: MSR-Front Object T-Rex

Best Friend Reward

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