Kingdom Resident Vic Vic Vector
Vic Vector MySims Kingdom

Character Info Edit

Role Astronaut, Former Janitor
Home Island Rocket Reef
Interest Tech

Vic Vector is a guy who resides on the island of Rocket Reef. In the beginning of the storyline, he is the janitor who cleans up after the lab messes that Dr. F and Alexa make during their experiments, but he still dreams of going into the stars. After T.O.B.O.R. quits his job as the crash dummy, Vic is employed as the new crash dummy (to Vic's joy). After the trip in the rocket, Vic Vector wears an astronaut suit. He will also ask you to find all of the different figurines throughout the kingdom.


When Vic joined Dr. F's space program, he dreamed of fame and glory. Little did he know his job would entail sweeping the lab and cleaning test tubes. Still, Vic hasn't given up hope: he still trains on his Plane vs. Eye "simulator" every night and dreams of piloting his way to the stars.

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