Agent Vic Vic Vector

Character Info Edit

Role Government Agent/Paranormal Investigator, Potential Recruit
Location The Mountains, later The Headquarters

Vic Vector is a government agent trying to help Beebee with her case, though still geeky and an action figure collector. He helps Rosalyn try to solve the case of who "kidnapped" Preston, although they are more of an obstacle then a help. He claims that a yeti kidnapped Preston. He seems to like yetis besides blaming them for kidnapping Preston. Apparently he would usually blame aliens but 'couldn't ignore the yeti factor'. After you discover Preston faked his kidnapping, Vic becomes a smart and paranormal recruit. Vic is as geeky as ever and seems naive believing that you could teach him to have telekinesis.

On the MySims Agents website, Vic is an agent who does office work and was in the Mountains. He gives you the information you need about Ivy.


Vic is a government agent who investigates paranormal activity and unexplained phenomena. Though he takes the job seriously, he can’t keep his geeky side from shining through. He’s an avid collector of action figures and comic books, and thinks that meeting a real alien life form would be the most awesome thing ever.

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