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Hey, 'sup?Edit

Agent Leaf
Leaf »» Ready to rock 'n roll!
Leaf Head My Page Talk Page ♫♫♫

Hey there, Lightningthief9, I'm Leaf! Yeah, I know. THE LEAF. Yeah, yeah, I know. Awesome, aren't I? Anyway, hey. Welcome to MySims Wiki. I just noticed you made an edit on the article User:Lightningthief9. Hm. Nice edit, I guess. Your first edit on this Wiki too, right? Thanks for trying to help out. I'm just here to say welcome to the Wiki. Glad you created an account. MySims Wiki totally rocks, right? I know.

I just wanna say hi and whatever and introduce some stuff. You know, talk to you about the basics. First of all, like, if you plan to help us out, you should check out the Stubs. Stubs are kinda like pages that suck right now. MySims Wiki isn't all perfect yet, you know. But you can help change THAT in to like, a myth if you help out. Or at least, get a bit closer to perfect? By like, an inch maybe? Even an inch adds up, right?

Secondly, you should pay attention to your edits and just preview them before you publish the changes, 'kay? If you're on MySims Wiki and editing alot, people are gonna start noticing you, because don't think we can't see what you're doing, man. We can just look at that handy "Latest Activity" box on the left. Or we can just look here. Yeah. So don't try anything crafty and like, vandalize or whatever, because it's not like we can't see it.

Also, you know there are people watching over and managing the Wiki, right? They make sure everything's okay and whatever. Kinda like peace keepers or something. If you didn't know, these people are the admins. They'll help fix up edits that seem wrong or just need a bit of rewording. They also help out the Wiki's content too, of course. They also are really awesome people (but not as awesome as me!). So they should be the first people you like, think of when you got a question! The four most active admins are Blanks, who's a really huge fan of mine and a good, funny friend, Mister Trubs, who's a nice guy, Dentface, who I'm pretty good friends with too, and Game-fanatic, who's really rad too and created the awesome "MySims Reality!" Remember you're not alone if you need any help. Even I need to ask people for help sometimes!

Uh...yeah. So I just wrote way more there than necessary. Oh well. Anyway, I hope you found my message useful or something. Like I said before, if you got questions, ask the admins. Or um, you could maybe even ask me for something. Contact me here. I'll answer as soon as possible. You can read more about me on my article or my MySims Wiki user page. Peace xx -- ★ Leaf (Talk) 02:50, 11 June 2011

Note: This message is automated by a bot for every new user on MySims Wiki, so I didn't actually send this message. My job here on the Wiki though is to help out new users, and also answer fan mail! Feel free to ask for autographs/questions. -Leaf

Last Note Nightmare Edit

»» Ugly Talk Page One man is not another. Another man is not one another.'s a little too similar of a concept to Wii maniac's show... Ohdear

Awesome show!! Edit

Rcisim319 – Video Game Geek
TALK – "Let go of the world you know...and pulg on the party lights."
hey dude i just wanted to compliment on your show.Keep it up! So are you done with the show or can i stil vote?

Silver – I find much joy in having met you.
TALK – I'm too busy being awesome to put the time!
You can still vote. I just haven't really worked on Leg 6 that much.

Excalibur – "I am the legndary holy sword Excalibur,"
"Your suppossed to leave a message on the persons talk page not on your own talk page.Ohdear"

Rcisim319 – Video Game Geek
TALK – "Let go of the world you know...and pulg on the party lights."
can you show me where to vote?

Rcisim319 – Video Game Geek
TALK – "Let go of the world you know...and pulg on the party lights."
i vote for Star & Vic

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