UPDATE - 17 April 2017

She's back! All I needed to do was kick her out and move her back in. I feel so stupid now

Original Text - 14 April 2017

The utmost creepiest thing happened while I was playing MySims today.

So, I go into Clara's house, yet after about a minute, she's still nowhere to be seen.

So then, I go to a changing booth, to see if I could get her to appear in CaS, but after the phonecall cutscene, nothing happened.

I think I may have corrupted the game. If anyone knows how to correct this modding problem I got myself into (I haven't modded at all since December) please help me out, it's really peculiar for a MySims character to suddenly go missing.

But after this is solved - mark my words, I'm quitting modding MySims. Forever.

Qubit 10:46, April 14, 2017 (UTC)

and RIP Clara Belle

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