Id's meh, again. And dis blog am 4 NPC's Dat Didn't Appear in MySims Agents but we got icons for them. If you made an icon for an NPC dat didn't appear in MySims Agents, show it here. 'Cuz I'm makin' a game on MySims Fanon where all da characters have icons but some of the characters don't have icons. Heer are some I have found:

  • Jimmy Watanabe=Agent Jimmy
  • Ian Arneson=Agent Ian
  • Cap'n Ginny=Agent Ginny
  • Iggy=Agent Iggy
  • Mira Cull=Agent Mira
  • Maria=Agent Maria
  • Faith Connors=Agent Faith
  • Linda=Agent Linda
  • Officer Ewan=Agent Ewan
  • Dolly Dearheart=
  • Elizabeth=

So um, yeah. U can also show t4h images if ya didn't make 'em. Wait, y did Ah make dis blog heer instead of da fanon? 'Cuz da Fanon gottz a terrible community, no one ever comments on blogs. So Ah hope you guyz comment on dis blog.

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