1. Can anyone link me to an "official" BannedStory download?
  2. Wth happened to Ibby? ShiftyEyes
  3. Regarding the calendar, is there a way I can add my info? (Birthday, etc.?) Also I have a way it could be organized (unless it', already organized this way XD ) And that would be to create separate templates for each month, then just add them to the main page when they come, replacing last month's. Ohdear Does that sound good or...? I was also thinking, if we even still do the calendar we could attract a wider variety of users by labeling more diverse events! Say, stuff for The Sims or just things that we as a whole are somewhat interested in, like a release date for Sm4sh DLC. See what I mean? lol steal teh users!
  4. Can someone please help with my post about creating a bot?

Thanks, dat is all. Excitedlayton

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