See the Development of MySims.

Within the data of  MySims is a large amount of unused content leftover from the development period that was never removed from the final build of the game.

Unused CAS AssetsEdit

Rosalyn's OutfitEdit

Rosalyn's outfit originally had a total of four color variations which was later cut down to just one in the final product. Originally there was a Black version, a Cream version, and a Pink version; all of which still have their corresponding data and can be hacked into the final game with ease. All of them were later recycled and used in the Wii version of MySims Party.

Beige RobeEdit

Also unused is a beige colored robe with no known ties or uses for any character in-game. It was later recycled or used in MySims Party (Wii)

Essence Master EyesEdit

Eyes meant for use by the Old Essence Master are left in the game's data and can be added back in through hacking. It is a fully complete set with all nine expressions made. These were later recycled and used for Marlon in the sequel, MySims Kingdom on the Wii. Internally they are referred to as (amEyesEssenceMaster).

The game stores every possible combination of Eye and Mouth textures in Face-Baked.package, while the player is in the overworld (I.E. Town Square, Desert, Forest, etc.) when in the overworld the game reads from that package. Since the Essence Master's eyes are not in the package and cannot be loaded properly into the game while in the overworld.

Essence Master BeardEdit

Left in the game is a texture for a white beard, meant for the Old Essence Master. This was later recycled and used for Marlon in the sequel, MySims Kingdom on the Wii.

Unused EssencesEdit


Out of all the unused Essences referenced in the game's data only the Acorn as a nearly full set of textures; with a Palette Preview, a texture for the model, and the two patterns exclusive to the essence.

Unused Relationship Book IconsEdit

There are a total of two unused Relationship Book icons for Cassandra, and the Old Essence Master.

Unused Opening NarrativeEdit

The opening narrative which set up the story when you started a New Game went through a visual revision during development with the original visuals left in the final game unused.

Unused Controls TutorialEdit

Originally the game would have explained its controls in a more visual manner as opposed to the final game's prompts.

Early UIEdit

Scattered in the game's data is a large set of icons used for an earlier revision of the User Interface, demonstrating a slightly different graphical style than what is seen in the final game.

Placeholder TexturesEdit

Also left in the game is a plethora of simple textures used as placeholders for various essences and other functions in development until the final icon was created. Interestingly there are many placeholders for essences that were cut during development.

Wii LeftoversEdit

Exclusive only to the Windows PC version of the game is a large set of leftovers from the Wii version in the game left during the porting process.

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