Treasure Tram
Treasure Tram

Treasure Tram Edit

Host Sir Vincent

Treasure Tram is a minigame run by Sir Vincent Skullfinder and he wants you to take a tram and gather the treasure that lies at the end of the mine.


Ride a tram and make it to the end! Tilt the Wii Remote right of left at a fork to select the track.


Vincent: I hear there is treasure at the end of this mine. Ride this tram to find it, but watch out for the fork in the tracks!

After FinishingEdit

Vincent: Yes! This discovery will look great on my resume! I hope you found tons of treasure for my museum. Let's see how well you did.


Tilt Wiimote left/right: Lean

Recommended Stat(s)Edit

Festival Appearance(s) Edit

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