Kingdom Resident Travis Travis

Character Info Edit

Role Student at the Royal Academy
Home Island The Royal Academy
Interest Tech

Travis is a student of The Royal Academy who takes his work seriously. He is often intimidated by fellow pupil Chaz. However, Chaz's bullying does not break Travis's good natured spirit and he keeps his head up. Both Summer and Liberty have their eyes on Travis and hope he will ask one of them to the school dance. He has a phone which he likes very much, and seems to have an uncanny "relationship" with it (according to Rosalyn, he wrote a very passionate essay about it).


While a stuffed bear might be most babies' first toy, Travis was always partial to his baby flatscreen LCD monitor. Now a teenager, he may have the newest and hippest cell phone permanently attached to his ear, but is there room in his heart for more than just the latest in cellular tech?

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