Travis-Template Travis

Character Info Edit

Townie or Commercial? Townie Sim
Star Level Star Level 2
Role Retired CEO
Residence Name Travis's House

Travis is a young, retired CEO of a party supplies company who would like to spend his retirement by living in a nice, peaceful town. He travels to your town hotel and hopes he is able to get a house built for him to live in.


Don't let his boyish looks fool you - Travis used to be CEO of a party supply company. Retired at a young age, Travis plans on seeing more of the world and learning how to shave.









Hotel Introduction

  • Hey, what's going on? I'm Travis. So, I'm thinking that [town name] looks like a pretty fun place to live.

Accept Move-In

  • Yeah, yeah, that sounds cool. I'll just hang out here while you set up a house.

After You Build House

  • This is cool! Thanks, [player name].

Request For More Stuff

  • This'll be a great place to hang out. We could add some music, you know, whatever's Fun.

Star Level 2

  • Dude, DJ Candy is the best DJ on the planet. Seriously. And she's kinda cute.

Star Level 3

  • Dude, Annie Radd is the coolest rock star ever. Seriously. And she's kinda cute.

Star Level 4

  • Hey, have you met Pirate Ginny? Now there's a girl who knows how to have fun. And she's kinda cute.

Star Level 5

  • Do you like my hair blond? If I'm hitting the clubs, I gotta have nice hair.

Best Friend

  • So yeah, this place looks pretty amazing! You're a pro, [player name].

Best Friend Reward

  • Couch - Soccer blueprint

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