Townie Sim House

A typical Townie Sim's house layout; 3 rooms, with a small hallway.

Fun Sim House Sign

A Fun Sim's house sign.

A Townie Sim is a character who will come to town, just hoping for a 
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Some sims such as Roger have a unique style house, with the door being on the opposite side.

nice home, and are first introduced at Star Level 2, when Townie Sims start appearing at the hotel. Although, Townie Sims do not give tasks, some will ask for a bed or something to make them feel at home. Becoming a Townie Sim's best friend will give you a special blueprint only owned by them. Their special blueprint's item is most often displayed somewhere in their house. Townie Sims have clothes that you can just find in the mirror, the changing booth, or the costume chest (usually the changing booth/mirror), unlike Commercial Sims, whose clothes you are required to unlock by becoming their best friend. Uber Sims are an exception to this. They give you both their clothes and a special blueprint. Townie Sims' homes are also a special layout different from Commercial Sims. They have 3 rooms, whereas the Commercial Sims have a house with 2 big rooms. Townies also all have the same music playing in/out of their house, each made for their Interests. They also all have the same reactions to social interactions, unlike Commercial Sims, which have unique reactions. Townie Sims will sometimes copy their top interest Commerical Sims actions. Townie Sims all require a house sign representing their loved Interest, unlike Commercial Sims with unique house signs, and their house parts aren't unique either.

The Beginning Edit

Star Level Two Edit

Star Level Three Edit

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Star Level Five Edit

Uber Sims Edit

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