TorajiroPortal Torajiro

Character Info Edit

Role Carpenter

Torajiro is a man who works as a carpenter. He's known to be easily flattered. When you want to build things for the town, you are supposed to ask Torajiro to build them for you. He will want you to bring "blueprints" of buildings you collect throughout the game by helping out villagers and doing other things. When you give him the appropriate blueprints, he will be able to help you build whatever the blueprints you gave him allows him to build. However, you need to give him the essences needed in the blueprint too or he won't build it for you. He lives in Mangrove Forest. For some reason he keeps calling the player a blockhead.

Profile Edit

Name: Torajiro

Age: 46

Gender: Male

Occupation: Carpenter

Description: A very skilled carpenter who can build any house as long as he's shown a blueprint. Easily flattered.

Character EventsEdit

No Materials!Edit

You want to construct a building but there aren't any materials. What to do...

Repair the BridgeEdit

Torajiro is going to fix the bridge at night. Watch his house for him!

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