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Character Info Edit

Role Zoo Keeper

Tim is a blue-haired, green-eyed boy dressed in blue overalls and wears a dog hat. Tim resides in an empty zoo he found on an island and decides to help take over the zoo and help bring the zoo back to life. You are to help by using the camera he gives you and take pictures of animals you may see that appear around town. Once you take the picture of the animal, the animal will be added to the zoo in the next time segment that the zoo is open (he will disappear after you give a valid photo, so if you have multiple photos, you will have to wait until he comes back to give the other ones). According to Tim, after you cure him from eating animal food, Helen told him he should go out on his own until he matures. He lives in an animal-inspired house next to the zoo.


Name: Tim

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Occupation: Zoo Keeper

Character Events

No more animals!

Someone let all the animals loose. Help Tim!

I wanted to try it...

Tim has a stomach ache from eating dog food! Get him some medicine

Because it looked so good...

Tim has a stomach ache from eating panda food! Get him some medicine.

Sad Tim

Tim seems down. Go to his home and talk to him!

Lively Zoo

The animals are back and the zoo is lively again. Tim is over joyed!

Morning: Zoo

Noon: Zoo

Evening: Zoo

Night: Tim's Home

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