Testing Grounds - IconTesting Grounds
Testing Grounds - Selection Screen

Character Info Edit

Climate Dusk, Overcast
Number of Missions 3

The Testing Grounds are a location based around a large robotic bug-creature in the console version of MySims SkyHeroes. You complete the second boss battle here in which you must destroy the Ragnarok, as well as also partaking in two dogfights here.


This stage is focused around a large robotic bug shaped ship which is used frequently by MorcuCorp. As well as flying around, under and through the ship, you can also travel around the surrounding areas, where many power-ups are hidden by rocks.

Missions Using The Testing GroundsEdit

Trivia Edit

  • The insectoid testing facility/exploration unit has a large cannon that is similar to a Gatling gun. However, it is never actually used.