Tasty is one of the six interests in MySims. Most Sims in this category like to eat or cook certain things. The essences in this category are usually food such as Cakes and Bacon. It is represented by a chicken leg with a face and dimples, and is represented by the color orange on interest color wheels. A similar interest called Food exists in MySims Kingdom.


The following are of those associated with this interest.

Maria, Sasha, and Edwin in a tasty home

Essences Edit

Typical Tasty Sim Behaviors Edit

Sitting On Chair Edit

  • Eats Fish

Standing Edit

  • Drinks Coffee (Cedella)
  • Eats ice cream (Roxie Road)
  • Juggles tomatoes (Chef Gino)
  • Flips knifes (Chef Watanabe and Jimmy Watanabe)
  • Balances ice cream (Roxie Road)
  • Whet knife (Chef Gino)
  • Sketch (Cedella)
  • Cleans floor (Roxie Road)

Activity Edit

Be Nice Drops (for most of the Sims) Edit

Statistic Edit

14 (16.28%) of the 86 sims in MySims love tasty.

4 (28.58%) of the 14 like cute.

4 (28.58%) of the 14 like studious.

2 (14.28%) of the 14 like fun.

2 (14.28%) of the 14 like geeky.

2 (14.28%) of the 14 like spooky.

4 (28.58%) of the 14 hate geeky.

4 (28.58%) of the 14 hate studious.

3 (21.43%) of the 14 hate spooky.

2 (14.28%) of the 14 hate cute.

1 (7.13%) of the 14 hate fun.


  • Tasty is the only interest in MySims that doesn't have its own cave.
  • Tasty is the only interest not having a sim working under Morcubus. The same could be said for Cute, although Esma and Yuki have cute as a like.
  • The icon for tasty make three cameo appearences in MySims Agents. One on Goth Boy's uniform, another at the end of the Boudreaux Mansion case, and one on the sign of Gino's restaurant when concept art is shown.

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