Character Info Edit

Role Zoo Keeper
Location Petting Zoo

T.O.B.O.R. is a zoo keeper living at the petting zoo. He says he is a secret agent under cover, just like you! He teaches you to feed the animals either meat, fish or vegetables. He wants the animals to follow you so feeding them is an option he suggets to help you make the animals follow you. When you become friends with an an animal you can take them for a walk around the zoo.


He's a Sad Panda

The Zoo's panda has become sad, and will no longer come out of it's fance. Get help from the townspeople to convince the panda to come out of its fence!

1.When panda's looking away, yell at it. 2.When panda stays at 90°, shake bamboo leaf. 3.When panda stays at 90° and shakes it's head, ring a bell. 4.When panda stays in front at you, drop bamboo leaf. 5.When panda's sniffing, drop the stuffed panda.

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