Sylvia-MSSHP Sylvia

Character Info Edit

Role Pilot
Affiliation Gal Force 4, SkyForce
How to Unlock Complete Holding Out For A Hero

Sylvia appears in MySims SkyHeroes on the console. She is a member of the Gal Force 4 along with Evelyn Gray and DJ Candy "Supergroove". She often gets into arguments with Evelyn, which You and DJ Candy usually have to break up. Despite dropping out of the Royal Academy in MySims Kingdom, she is very studious and thinks reading a flight manual cover-to-cover is better practice than actually flying. She seems to have forgotten about Gonk as she never mentions him at anytime in the game.


Set by Sylvia


Involving Sylvia


After Holding Out For A Hero

  • Thanks for the help back there, [player name]. Those drones came out of nowhere!
  • Gal Force could really learn a lot buy watching you fly, [player name].

After Eye Of The Panther

  • We've been analyzing footage of you flying, [player name]. It's really quite enlightening.

Before We're Not Gonna Take It

  • Woo! Time to show what we've been practicing for!

After We're Not Gonna Take It

  • We really flew well in that last mission, didn't we?

Before Into The Groove

  • The pressure's on this time. I hope all of our training pays off.

After Into The Groove

  • We really are a team now, aren't we?

Before Mega Shark vs... YOU!

  • You can do this, [player name]! You've taught Gal Force so much, now it's time to show Morcubus what a true pilot can do.

After Game is Complete

  • Your flying techniques are truly fascinating, [player name]. Maybe I should write a book about you!

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