Kingdom Resident Summer Summer
Summer (MySims Kingdom)

Character Info Edit

Role Student & Cheerleader
Home Island The Royal Academy
Interest Cute

Summer is a student of The Royal Academy. She wears a sassy black schoolgirl outfit and carries around a schoolbag. She really wants to go to the school dance with Travis. She also loves the school's mascot, Filbert and she asks you to decorate his pen with lots of cute things. She often makes up cheerleading chants about him. To figure out if Travis really likes her, she asks the Royal Wandolier to figure out what he loves the most and asks Travis to bring Filbert back to his pen with the help of the Royal Wandoiler, but Travis says he would do it for anybody. She is upset if you choose Liberty to dance with Travis instead of her, although she is happy for Liberty, because she has never seen her as happy as she is. She is chosen as Prom Queen, and dances with Chaz at the dance. Summer is also (presumably) a cheerleader for The Royal Academy, as she always makes up cheers.


Give me an S! Give me a U! Give me 2 M's and an E! Give me a R! Not only is school always in session for this peppy cheerleader, Summer is rah-rah about all things Royal Academy-especially dreamy T-R-A-V-I-S!

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