Studious is one of the six interests in MySims. Sims in this Interest usually like to read and study, or do something that involves education. It is represented by a green head with glasses and a graduation cap, and is represented by the color green on interest color wheels. There is a similar interest Smarts in MySims Agents along with another similar interest Elegant in MySims Kingdom.


The following are of those associated with this interest.

Essences Edit

Typical Studious Sim Behaviors Edit

Sitting On Chair Edit

  • Reads book
  • Writing on a piece of paper (Rosalyn P. Marshall)
  • Stamps Book (Elmira Clamp)
  • Makes calls (Rosalyn P. Marshall)

Standing Edit

  • Radar (Natalia Roshmanov)
  • Makes Phone Calls (Rosalyn P. Marshall)
  • Talks to skull (Trevor)
  • Reads book (Elmira Clamp)
  • Faking Death (Trevor)
  • Dusts skull (Townie Sims)
  • Finds clues (Natalia Roshmanov)
  • Making quiet (Elmira Clamp)
  • Checks Book (Rosalyn P. Marshall)

Activity Edit

Be Nice Drops (for most of the Sims) Edit


14 (16.28%) of the 86 sims in MySims love studious.

4 (28.58%) of the 14 like tasty.

3 (21.42%) of the 14 like geeky.

3 (21.42%) of the 14 like spooky.

2 (14.29%) of the 14 like fun.

2 (14.29%) of the 14 like cute.

4 (28.58%) of the 14 hate geeky.

4 (28.58%) of the 14 hate fun.

3 (21.42%) of the 14 hate tasty.

2 (14.29%) of the 14 hate cute.

1 (7.13%) of the 14 hate spooky.


  • In MySims, no Studious Essences can be obtained by fishing.
  • There are no Studious Sims present in MySims SkyHeroes.

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