Stephen Albright is a geeky resident who has an interest in engineering and building bridges.


  • Stephen makes cameo appearances in MySims Racing cheering the star racer on.
  • Stephen and Dr. F both say they invented the toaster oven, though Stephen himself seems to have forgotten whether he invented it or not.
  • In the MySims description of Stephen, it says he will someday build bridges. Coincidentally, he runs the minigame "Build-a-Bridge" in MySims Party.
  • Stephen may have a romantic interest in DJ Candy, as his dialogue indicates that he thinks she's cute.

Foreign NameEdit

  • English: Stephen Albright
  • Spanish: Esteban Alcántara
  • Japanese: スティーブン·オルブライト (Sutibun Oruburaito)
  • French: Stéphane
  • Dutch: Stefan

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