StephenPartyPortal Stephen Albright

Character Info Edit

Role Architect
Minigame Hosting Build-a-Bridge
Festival? N/A
Area Center Flower Garden

Stephen is the host of the minigame called 'Build-a-Bridge'. He designed a bridge, but the blocks are to heavy to carry alone. He needs you to partner up and help carry the blocks and put them into place. If you win the minigame, he'll consider moving into your town and once he does, he can be found in the Center Flower Garden.


Around Town

  • Bridge parts are heavy. You can pick them up quickly if you have "Power". And if you have "Stamina", you can carry them easily.
  • Hi there, are you getting the hang of bridge building? I calculate that a good teammate can get 2 items in my mini-game.
  • You and your partner just need to weet to hand off the bridge parts. So, just concentrate on your footing and you'll do fine!
  • Hi there, I'm Stephen. You must be [player name]. You showed some ingenious moves during the festival!

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