StarPortal Star

Character Info Edit

Role "Special Weapons Ninja Master", Leader of the Crescent Moon Ninjas, Pilot
Affiliation SkyForce, Crescent Moon
How to Unlock {{{unlock}}}

Star appears in MySims SkyHeroes (DS) as the leader of the Crescent Moon. She is the leader of the Crescent Moon Ninjas and protects her village from enemies with the help of Kage and a trainee ninja, Jimmy Watanabe. Star will go to desperate measures to protect her village, going as far as making a treaty with Morcubus. She and her ninjas eventually agree to help SkyForce bring down Morcubus's corrupted empire and help them free the skies.

Her role in the DS version of SkyHeroes is essentially the same as in the console version, since the DS version is essentially a port with different missions, CAS items, and power-ups.

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