Star MSR Icon Star

Character Info Edit

Residence Speedville
Car Weight Class Mid-Size
MorcuCorp? Yes
Role Rival Racer, Ninja

Star is racing Ninja from Crescent Moon Village, home of 10,000 Jutsus. She also works as an employee of MorcuCorp. She tries to defeat you in order for Morcubus to take over Speedville. She will encounter you claiming that she is a harmless racing fan and would like to engage in a friendly race with you in order to learn the fundamentals of racing. But after you beat her best time, she reveals herself as Star, MorcuCorp employee and jonin ninja. Star then races the player but fails to beat you. After this Star races in the Snowy Cup and the Ultimate Cup.


MSR-Burning Lap Star's Time Trial

Aim: Avoid bubbles and beat Star's time to complete the challenge!

Introduction: Hello, kind stranger. I am just a harmless racing fan looking for some friendly competition. // I think I did okay on my first race. Could you try to beat my time, so I can get a better idea of the fundamentals?

Gold Target: 75 seconds

Silver Target: 80 seconds

Bronze Target: 90 seconds

Course: Misty Motorway

Completion: That was pretty fast ... as I expected. Please take this as a token of my friendship.

Reward: MSR-Engine Force Induction Engine

MSR-1 v 1 Racing Jutsu

Aim: Reach the finish line before Star.

Introduction: Ha! I have deceived you! I am not a harmless racer, but a racing ninja from Crescent Moon Village, home of 10,000 Jutsus! // Now I will cruch you in one-to-one racing. Are you ready to be defeated?

Gold Target: Beat Rival Racer by 10 seconds

Silver Target: Beat Rival Racer by 5 seconds

Bronze Target: Beat Rival Racer by 0 seconds

Course: Misty Motorway

Completion: I can't believe it! Even all my Jutsus weren't enough to win. I am vanquished! Take these, I have no use for them anymore.

Reward: MSR-Front Lights Ninja Style, MSR-Front Object Shuriken, MSR-Rear Object Double Swords

Car Stats

Star Car Stats

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