Agent Star Star

Character Info Edit

Role Ninja, Client, Potential Recruit
Location The Headquarters

Star appears in MySims Agents as a client. She wants your agents to help her find the Blade of Destiny, a sword that was stolen from her tribe. Star suspects a rival ninja clan did this. After some struggle, your team finds the Blade of Destiny and gives it to Star. After this, Star offers to join your agency and wants to use her jutsus to fight crime.

Dispatch Missions

Blade of Destiny

Description- The Blade of Destiny has been stolen from my village. I suspect a rival ninja clan, but I need help tracking them down and recovering the blade.

Difficulty- 5/5

Duration- 3/12

Skills- Athletic/Charisma

Rewards- An object for the HQ and a new recruit!


Recruit Request Message: [Player Name], your agency is impressive but lacks one critical thing: Jutsus. You need to hire a ninja like me. I've got mad Jutsus!


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