Star-Template Star

Character Info Edit

Townie or Commercial? Townie Sim
Star Level Star Level 0
Role Ninja
Residence Name Star's Secret Hideout

Star comes to town as the uber geeky Sim. She is a jonin ninja from the "Crescent Moon Village". She has her pink hair in a ponytail and a red ninja outfit.


Star is a jonin of the Crescent Moon Village, home of 10,000 jutsus. That's a lot of jutsus!









Hotel Introduction

  • Well howdy there! The name's Julie! I'm a farmer from a nearby town. What an interesting place this is!

Accept Move-In

  • Well sure, I'd love to move here! I, uh, reckon that's a great idea! But is there enough room for a farm?

After You Build House

  • Ha! I have deceived you! I am not a farmer, but a ninja! I am Star, of the Crescent Moon Village. Ninjas must train to impersonate normal people in order to spy on them.

Request For More Stuff

  • Snakes, springs, stars… Any of these things can become weapons in the hands of a trained ninja!

Star Level 1

  • Hi!

Star Level 2

  • What would you rather be, a ninja or a pirate? Really, the choice is obvious.

Star Level 3

  • Ninja Art Pleasant Conversation Jutsu! … Hi, nice weather, isn't it? It's so lovely outside!
  • This Ninja Scroll I carry has the secret Ninjutsu Technique of the Crescent Moon Village. You shall never have it! Nor shall anyone else!
  • Every once in awhile when you're fighting another ninja, you'll be going at it, and then—Boom!—you find yourself hitting a log. Argh, I hate it when they turn into logs!

Star Level 4

  • Yup, this here looks like a good spot to plant down some corn, yessiree!
  • Who says I need to wear all black? I'm such a good ninja, my pink hair isn't even a stealth liability!
  • Hey, don't mess with me! I'm a jonin of the Crescent Moon Village. We have so many secret jutsus, you wouldn't believe it!

Star Level 5

  • I can run on anything: water, rooftops, treetops. You name it!
  • Don't underestimate me just because I'm a girl ninja and wear bright clothes. Why, just last night I repelled an invasion by an evil ninja gang! No, no need to thank me. It's just what I do.
  • This town's a lot safer with me in it, don't you think?

Best Friends

  • [player name], you are a trusted friend. I know that the secret of my real identity is safe with you!

Best Friend Reward

  • Different colored ninja outfits
  • Bed - Tree blueprint

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