Spooky is one of the six interests on MySims. As the name suggests, this interest displays and centers around Spooky/Gothic themes. It is represented by a purple ghost.


The following are of those associated with this interest.


Typical Spooky Sim Behaviors

Sitting On Chair

  • Casts magic spell


  • Casts magic spell (Wendalyn, Goth Boy, Violet)
  • Uses crystal ball (Madame Zoe)
  • Dusts skull (Sir Vincent)
  • Reads poetry (Goth Boy)
  • Floats in the air (Madame Zoe)
  • Talks to skull (Townie Sims)
  • Driving broom (Wendalyn)
  • Studies skull (Vincent)

On Counter

  • Makes dead flower vase (Violet)


Be Nice Drops (for most of the Sims)


14 (16.28%) of the 86 Sims in MySims love spooky.

4 (28.58%) of the 14 like fun.

3 (21.42%) of the 14 like geeky.

3 (21.42%) of the 14 like studious.

2 (14.29%) of the 14 like tasty.

2 (14.29%) of the 14 like cute.

5 (35.71%) of the 14 hate fun.

4 (28.57%) of the 14 hate cute.

3 (21.43%) of the 14 hate tasty.

2 (14.29%) of the 14 hate geeky.

0 (0%) of the 14 hate studious.

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