Spooky is a recurring Interest in the MySims series. It is shown toward gothic themes, darkness, despair, and creepy, macabre themes. It shows up on the Interest Wheel as a purple ghost icon. A similar interest called paranormal exists in MySims Agents. Morcubus claims to be the ruler of all Spooky sims.


  • None of the Sims introduced in MySims Kingdom are Spooky; however, this was changed in MySims Agents where Marlon and Zombie Carl have a similar interest to Spooky and both Sims were introduced in MySims Kingdom.
  • This is the only interest in MySims Kingdom along with Elegant and Domestic where no Sims that are introduced in MySims Kingdom have it. However, Spooky was introduced in MySims while the other 2 were introduced in MySims Kingdom.
  • No Spooky Sims hate Studious.
  • Fun is the most popular secondary interest of some Spooky Sims, but it's also the most hated interest of the rest of them.
  • The Spooky Trees are the only trees that, when alive, drop Dead Wood when cut down.

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