Spencer-Template Spencer
Spencer (MySims)

Character Info Edit

Townie or Commercial? Townie Sim
Star Level Star Level 5
Role Paladin
Residence Name Spencer's House

Spencer arrives at your town once it reaches a very bustling population. He is similar to Vic Vector, as they are both hardcore gamers. He is clad in a silver plate of knight's armor.


When your costume is as cool as Spencer’s, wearing it for one day will not do.




Hotel Introduction

  • Hi, I'm Spencer. Do you like my paladin costume? It won First Prize at this year's PallyCon!

Accept Move-In

  • Um, yeah... I'm not really accustomed to making decisions without a twenty-sided die. Let's sayyyy…yes.

After You Build House

  • Oh, wow! This place is so much bigger than my mom's basement. Total upgrade!

Request For More Stuff

  • Every good paladin knows his stats, of course! Here's mine: Geeky +5, Tasty +2, Fun -1.

Star Level 5

  • A paladin is an advocate or defender of a noble cause. My cause is eradicating wedgies.
  • Last mother's day I got my mom this real nice, velvet-lined dice bag. I think she liked it!
  • [town name] is perfect! You're a champion to your cause, [player name]!
  • It only makes sense that you came to talk to me, since I took the Gold-Level Talent “Loquacious Linguist”, which gives me +3 to all my Small Talk rolls. Yesss! A natural 20! You are SO charmed by my witty verbiage!

Best Friend

  • [player name], you and I should totally go larping sometime. I have an old Tree Faerie costume that would be perfect for you!

Best Friend Reward

  • Table - Castle blueprint

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