Vincent-MSSHP Sir Vincent Skullfinder
Sir Vincent Skullfinder (MSSH)

Character Info Edit

Role Mercenary Pilot
Affiliation Fortune Hunters, Chaos Pirates
How to Unlock Get Bronze in An Offer They Can't Refuse

Sir Vincent Skullfinder appears in MySims SkyHeroes, working under Skip Rogers as a mercenary pilot. Vincent and the other Fortune Hunters are often getting in SkyForce's way and continues to attack pilots even after promising not to. Vincent seems to be the most devoted to MorcuCorp out of the Fortune Hunters, as he later betrays the Fortune Hunters to work for the Chaos Pirates.


Set by Vincent

Involving Vincent


After Blockading For Fun And Profit

  • Time is money, Skip, and we're wasting both ...

After Prisoner Extraction

  • You actually thought we had a child running around our HQ? HA! I'm not one of those "heart-of-gold" mercenaries. I can't abide children.

After All Rhodes Lead To Morcubus

  • If I hear Skip use the word "synergy" one more time I will scream!

After In Search Of Booty & Before An Offer They Can't Refuse

  • No one steals from Sir Vincent Skullfinder. I'll find a way to get what's mine!

After An Offer They Can't Refuse

  • It seems time to determine where my loyalty truly lies ...

Before High-Flying Heist

  • It was a... difficult decision for me, but I realize now that we can prosper through an alliance with SkyForce.

Before Mega Shark vs... YOU!

N/A as you cannot speak to him

After Game is Complete

N/A as you cannot speak to him

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