Kingdom Resident Skullfinder Sir Vincent Skullfinder

Character Info Edit

Role Archaeologist/Explorer
Home Island The Uncharted Isle
Interest Spooky

Sir Vincent Skullfinder is an archaeologist and explorer who has "discovered" The Uncharted Isle. He has found some fossils and dinosaur bones and even a living dinosaur! He lives in a makeshift home complete with a tent, windmill, fire ring and his supplies and books. He encourages Lyndsay to join his team as a fellow explorer and explore the island. Lyndsay gladly agrees to help him, and ignores Buddy's doubts about Skullfinder (thinking that Skullfinder looks creepy). When he makes a trap to capture Bobaboo (And accidently, Sylvia) leaving the residents of the Isle unhappy, until you free them. Lyndsay leaves him after his cruel nature is revealed.


Sir Vincent Skullfinder is the curator and president-for-life of the Skullfinder Museum, which boasts the world’s most impressive collection of fossils, ivory and skeletons. Strangely enough, the most macabre of these artifacts have been donated by Skullfinder himself…

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