Kingdom Resident Spencer Sir Spencer
Spencer (MySims Kingdom)

Character Info Edit

Role Knight of Cutopia
Home Island Cutopia
Interest Tech

Sir Spencer resides on the island of Cutopia as the duchess's royal knight and bodyguard. He wears the a silver plate of knight's armor and is very much addicted to video and computer games. While not on duty protecting the duchess and lord and their castle, he is often playing his computer games by the gate leading to Violet's tower. He will ask you to make the gate more funner than cuter. He will also give you a task to collect all of the armor pieces throughout the kingdom. If you are able to gather all of the armor pieces and give them to Sir Spencer, he will give them to you to wear whenever you want by changing in the Royal Boat.


Spencer is fiercely devoted to Beverly for hiring him when no one else would accept his knighthood application. Of course, Spencer isn't an actual knight. He's just a kid in a fancy costume who played too many role-playing games, but the Duchess hasn't noticed yet. Oh well, they both seem happy enough.

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