Spencer is a charismatic gamer and intense geek. He is so devoted to PallyQuest, his favorite game, that he never takes off his paladin costume! He moves out of his mom's basement and lives in a home at your town, and later took the job as Duchess Beverly's loyal guard, though he isn't an actual knight and so far he's kept her from finding out.


  • In MySims Kingdom, Spencer wears silver knight armor, but on the cover of the game, he wears the armour pieces.
  • In MySims Kingdom, one of his tasks are to find all the costume pieces of that armor, in which he wears it in MySims Agents.
  • According to a text message in MySims Agents from the dispatch mission One More Time, Spencer's biggest fear is having everyone point and laugh at him.
  • Strangely, in MySims Kingdom, if you open the gate to Violet's Abode before Beverly traps Violet in there, Spencer will still not let you enter it.
  • In MySims Agents he is interested in Athletic, which is likely based off Fun, but in the original game, he hates Fun. The same could be said about his liking for Charisma.
  • In several games, it is stated that Spencer plays an online game called PallyQuest, which could have been based on AdventureQuest.
  • In MySims and MySims Agents, Spencer states that he lives in his mom's basement.
  • During his dispatch mission in MySims Agents, Spencer points out that his PallyQuest screen name is Lord Galahad, most likely named after Sir Galahad, one of King Arthur's knights of the round table.
  • Spencer says that he is a paladin, and in MySims Agents, one of his Interests is Charisma. In Dungeons & Dragons, paladins require lots of charisma.

Foreign NameEdit

  • Dutch: Spike
  • English: Spencer
  • French: Yves
  • German: Pauli
  • Japanese: スペンサー (Spencer)
  • Korean: 스펜서 (Spencer)
  • Spanish: Mariano

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