Sir Percival J. Worthington IV

Animal Info Edit

Animal Pig
Home Island Renée's Nature Preserve

Sir Percival J. Worthington IV, called Percy for short by his owner Renée, is a large pig that lives on Renée's Nature Preserve. He has a small fenced pen to live in though he can often be seen out of his pen. After you finish helping out Renée's Nature Preserve, Renée asks you to decorate his pen with cute objects.

When the tasks are finished on Renée's Nature Preserve, Lyndsay asks Renée about "the huge pig over there" (referring to Percy) but for some reason, Renée doesn't seem to know about Percy and replies "What pig?". In one of Renée's tasks she says that she feeds Percy lots of sugary candy. She asks for tips on how to make Percy a bit skinnier. After a bit of Socializing, you tell her not to give Percy so much candy and instead give him some healthy food.

In MySims Agents, Percy is a constant companion of Renee when she is sent on dispatch missions. If Renee is sent on Jenny's dispatch mission she texts the player that Percy loves watching Starcruiser X, but has to alternate because Ms. Prissykins prefers home design shows.