Simoleon Symbol

A Simoleon symbol.

Simoleons are the main type of currency in the DS versions of MySims. It is represented by the symbol §. Simoleons have been the main type of currency of all the Sims games, including MySims and the original The Sims series. Sims use their Simoleons to buy items such as clothing, flowers, food, and other things.


In the original MySims for the Nintendo DS, currency is obtained through interacting with tourists visiting their resort town. By cheering up these tourists, your Simoleons will increase in numbers, and you'll be able to buy clothing, and other such items from businesses that open throughout town. You also obtain Simoleons by playing minigames that Sims throughout town ask you to play. The higher score you achieve during minigames, the higher amount of Simoleons you will earn each time.

MySims KingdomEdit

In the second game of the MySims franchise, currency is obtained through various ways. As you progress through the storyline in the game, Sims will reward you with Simoleons for your help. However, currency is obtained mainly through the money you earn through minigames, like in the original MySims. The higher score you achieve in the minigame, the higher amount of Simoleons you will be able to earn throughout the game.

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