Simlish is the universal language of the Sims-world. It is made up of other words from a variety of different languages, some are thought to be Ukrainian, Navajo, and Tagalog, but it has never been confirmed.


Simlish was created because Will Wright, creator of The Sims, knew that the game needed dialogue, but thought that using real life languages such as English would cause the dialogue to be repetitive and would be expensive translating the entire dialog Sims may say. Wright did consider experimenting with Navajo, a Native American language, but decided that it would be better to use a "nonsense language" that couldn't be translated, because the meaning could be left to the player's imagination.


  • The Simlish in MySims Kingdom and MySims Agents is different from the other games.
  • Some words in Simlish sound like real words (e.g. "pizza", "tuna")

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