Sim Fu 100-Tiger Strike
Mysimsparty 00

Sim Fu 100-Tiger Strike Edit

Host Master Aran

Sim Fu 100-Tiger Strike is hosted by Master Aran. He wants you to partner up and see how many boards you can break.


Pair Up! One holds a board and the other punches it. The pair who breaks the most boards wins.

Description Edit

Aran: "Okay, get into pairs. One of you hold a board so the other can punch it! Break as many as you can, but don't break your partner's face!"

After FinishingEdit

Aran: "Super-Synergy-UltraSlam!!! You guys showed some great teamwork! Here are your results."



Swing Wiimote: Grab Board


Swing Wiimote: Punch

Recommended Stat(s)Edit

Festival Appearance(s) Edit

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