Shirley MSR Icon Shirley

Character Info Edit

Role Hair Stylist, Salon Owner
Business Helmet Hair Care
Residency Speedville

Shirley runs a hair salon in Speedville, located next to the town hall. Shirley experiments hair styles on you to increase you're racing skills. She also sponsors a race as well as a charity to help combat racers' helmet hair.


MSR-Burning Lap A Fast Clip

Aim: Beat the given time to complete the challenge.

Introduction: Oh, sweetie, you've got a bad case of what we in the biz call "hair drag". Just sit down and let Shirley take care of it. // There ya go, hon, now your hair won't slow you down. Do you want to test it on the tracks?

Gold Target: 76 seconds

Silver Target: 80 seconds

Bronze Target: 90 seconds

Course: Crescendo Cruise

Completion: See now, hon? No drag at all. Thank Shirley! Okay, you can take this as well.

Reward: MSR-Frame Carbon Fibre, MSR-Rear Bumpers Flower Pot

MSR-Race Hair-Raising Race

Aim: Finish in 1st, 2nd or 3rd place.

Introduction: Welcome back, hon, your hair still looks marvelous. You really ought to show it off. As it happens, I'm sponsoring a race today. // So, can I count on you sweetie?

Gold Target: Finish in 1st Place

Silver Target: Finish in 2nd Place

Bronze Target: Finish in 3rd Place

Course: Crescendo Cruise

Completion: Wonderful, sweetie. You were head and shoulders above the rest. Here, take this with you.

Reward: MSR-Rear Lights Diamonds

MSR-Beat The Clock Shaving Seconds

Aim: Pass as many gates as you can before time runs out. (Time limit is 55 seconds, plus 10 seconds for every gate you pass through)

Introduction: "Helmet Hair" is a tragedy that affects too many racers today. Even you, hon. // I've set you a charity to help fight helmet hair, and I'm organizing an exhibition event to raise funds. // Well, sweetie, whaddya say? Will you race for Helmet Hair Care?

Gold Target: Pass through 18 gates

Silver Target: Pass through 12 gates

Bronze Target: Pass through 6 gates

Course: Crescendo Cruise

Completion: Thanks, sweetie, the donations are just pouring in. Here, to thank you for your help.

Reward: MSR-Rear Lights Triangles

Best Friend Reward

  • MSR-Special Improved Transmission

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