SharonPortal Sharon

Character Info Edit

Role Tailor

Sharon is the local tailor of your town on your island. She is extremely dedicated to her work and wishes to be the best clothes designer. She considers Roy, who owns a furniture shop, her rival on being King Roland's royal official supplier. When Roy gets to be the supplier first, Sharon is jealous and loses all her confidence, but later, she is sent a letter from the King saying he has heard of her clothing store and that he wants her to have a test and see if she could be a potential royal supplier. Sharon is overjoyed and redeems her confidence. Later on, Sharon wants you to custom-design your own clothes so she can draw inspiration from it, and then runs a fashion quiz after. If you bought all the clothes from the store, there will probably be no more clothes at all to sell. However, you can get new clothes by doing her quiz. Some clothing are only able to be obtained from doing her quiz.

Profile Edit

Name: Sharon

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Occupation: Tailor

Description: She is extremely proud of her work and extremely competitive. She considers Roy her rival.

Character EventsEdit

No Flower Beds for the Tailor!Edit

The flower beds are gone and Sharon is upset! Is there any way to place a flower bed in front of the Tailor shop?

No New Designs!Edit

Sharon is having a hard time coming up with new designs. Help her out with some original ideas!

Great Inspiration!Edit

Sharon is over-joyed from the new inspiration and has announced some new clothes. Check out her new clothes!

Super Fashion Quiz!Edit

Sharon has started a quiz on clothing. A fabulous prize awaits the winner.

Take the challenge!

I'm Roy's Rival!Edit

Sharon is sad... But she really likes clothes and has announced some new designs.

Go check out her new clothes!

Can't Get Ahead!Edit

Sharon is blue because Roy's furniture store became the official supplier to the King. Make her feel better!

Royal Supplier!Edit

Sharon has received a letter from the King. She's going to take a test to become a royal supplier!

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