Sapphire-MSSHP Sapphire

Character Info Edit

Role Chaz-Fan, Pilot
Affiliation Team McFreely
How to Unlock Get Bronze in Mano-A-Mano

Sapphire appears in MySims SkyHeroes as a fan of Chaz McFreely, along with Vic Vector. She stands up for Chaz by saying that you cheated or something so he will sound like the best of the best. She often asks you to dance at the end of most of her statements probably meaning she still likes DJ Candy "Supergroove". She has a very short attention span and is easily distracted.


Set by Sapphire


Involving Sapphire


Before Id, Ego, Super-Ego

  • Omigosh, hi! Are you here to become a ChazFan, because all you have to do is talk to the president of the Chaz McFreely fan club and that's Chaz.

After Id, Ego, Super-Ego

  • Omigosh, I am going to drink SOOOO MUCH vitamin C because I do NOT want to catch the flu from Chaz.

After Mano-A-Mano

  • Remember when it was so sad when Chaz tried to blame losing the race on me and Vic? That was so sad!! I almost didn't feel like dancing for like two minutes!

After Protect The Protege

  • Thank you SO MUCH for rescuing Chaz even though he made me feel a little bit sad and omigosh you guys captured that Rose girl, too, and isn't she totally scary?!

Before Blitzkrieg Assault

  • Oh, hey, it is definitely awesome to see you, but I think Chas was looking for you over at YOUR HQ! Isn't that funny? I'm so glad you guys are friends!!

After Blitzkrieg Assault

  • Isn't it SOOOO sweet the way Chaz and Justice are flying together on the same team again? It makes me so happy I just want to dance for 32 hours!!

Before Mega Shark vs... YOU!

  • I'm not just a ChazFan anymore, I'm a [player name]-Fan, too! GO GO Chaz and [player name] Force!!

After Game is Complete

  • Omigosh, I'm actually a teeny bit sad there's no Morcubus parade now because when you're in them and not standing still looking at them they're fun. Wanna dance?

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