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Sapphire is the very energetic roadie of DJ Candy "Supergroove". She helps set up many of her gigs and concerts along with Zack. She is very wild and crazy and owns her own brand of energy drink called "Sapphire Blu-Energy Burstz" (which is probably why she is so hyper). She is also a master at dancing with glowsticks.


  • Her dispatch mission in MySims Agents is called Red Buddy, the energy drink that she always has. She is referring to Buddy because he is dressed in red and it comes in Bellhop flavor and and Royal Messenger flavor, which were his jobs in the previous games. The name of the drink could also be referring to the energy drink called Red Bull.
  • If Rosalyn is sent on Candy's dispatch mission, Music That Moves You, Candy will mention that Sapphire, Zack, and herself should be in school, meaning they are under 18.
  • After completing Sapphire's dispatch mission, Red Buddy, The reward description says "this club gear has all the right moves" and could be reffering to the song, All the Right Moves, by OneRebublic.
  • Sapphire mentions that she wants to make an energy drink for Buddy in MySims Kingdom. In MySims Agents, you are sent on a dispatch mission to help put "Red Buddy" on the market.
  • If you send Gordon on her first dispatch mission, he will research her background and say that she has a Ph.D in Nuclear Physics, says that must be why her company is so successfull, and wonders if he should call her "Dr. Sapphire."
  • Sapphire is reference in DJ Candy's trophy description in The Sims 4.
  • Star, Rose, Raven, and Sapphire are the only characters to share their names with an essence. Coincidentally, all are female.

Foreign NameEdit

  • Dutch: Saffier
  • Spanish: Zafiro
  • Japanese: サファイア

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