Bob MSR Icon Samurai Bob

Character Info Edit

Role Gas Station Owner
Business Samurai Gas
Residency Speedville

Samurai Bob owns a gas station, "Samurai Gas", in Speedville and makes a good business refueling all of the cars that partake in the races throughout town. After completing various tasks that Samurai Bob assigns, his gas station expands and his business grows. His sensei's name is Samurai Mike.


MSR-Item Collect My Master's Wrenches

Aim: Reach finish before time runs out.

Introduction: Oh no! I lost my best set of wrenches while driving around. These were given to me by my sensei, Samurai Mike! // Can you help me find them? I'll throw in a free samurai air freshener ... It smells like discipline!

Gold Target: Collect 40 items

Silver Target: Collect 32 items

Bronze Target: Collect 20 items

Course: Tumbleweed Track

Completion: Thank you so much! No samurai feels complete without his premium wrench set. Accept this modest present as a token of my gratitude.

Reward: MSR-Rear Lights Double Triangles

MSR-Race Legend of the Green Samurai

Aim: Finish in 1st, 2nd or 3rd place.

Introduction: Welcome back, honorable racer! Samurai Gas is organizing a race to test a new eco-friendly fuel. // You have the soul of a Samurai. Can I count on your help?

Gold Target: Finish in 1st Place

Silver Target: Finish in 2nd Place

Bronze Target: Finish in 3rd Place

Course: Tumbleweed Track

Completion: You are strong in the way of the car! The test was a success. Please take this for your trouble.

Reward: MSR-Engine Quadra Stroke Engine, MSR-Body Station Wagon

MSR-Beat The Clock Samurai Bob's Bonus Round

Aim: Pass as many gates as you can before time runs out. (Time limit is 35 seconds, plus 10 seconds for every gate you pass through)

Introduction: The townsfolk are still talking about the race you won. They want more! How about showing off your skills in a "Beat-the-Clock" race? // I would be honored to sponsor you for this event. Do you accept?

Gold Target: Pass through 12 gates

Silver Target: Pass through 9 gates

Bronze Target: Pass through 5 gates

Course: Tumbleweed Track

Completion: Ha! I knew you would uphold the code of the warrior and come through victorious! Here's your reward!

Reward: MSR-Rear Object Double Spoiler

Best Friend Reward

  • MSR-Special Steer-by-Wire

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