Bob-Template Samurai Bob

Character Info Edit

Townie or Commercial? Townie Sim
Star Level Star Level 0
Role Samurai
Residence Name Samurai Bob's House

Samurai Bob is the uber studious swordsman. He likes to study old samurai culture and is very traditional. He wears a green samurai suit and helm.


The key to Samurai success is patient study. That, and a special tonic, which Bob applies liberally each day.









Hotel Introduction

  • I am called Samurai Bob: practitioner of swordless bushido.

Accept Move-In

  • My special Samurai code requires I move in to any town when requested. Thusly, I must accept.

After You Build House

  • I am glad I moved here! This seems like an excellent place to continue my studies.

Request For More Stuff

  • I yearn for my home to be the place of perfect Study.

Star Level 1

  • Hi!

Star Level 2

  • Are you curious about my Samurai code? Honesty, loyalty, justice—these are Bushido!

Star Level 3

  • I was attracted to the way of the Samurai because of my deep respect for love and honor. Also, check out this sweet helmet!

Star Level 4

  • What? Bob is a very traditional Samurai name in certain areas!

Star Level 5

  • I believe the principles of bushido can be applied to modern times. For example, the virtues of honor and selflessness—they transcend time.
  • Yo, yo, yo – Samurai Bob in da house!!! Oh my goodness, where’s my tonic? My tonic!

Best Friend

  • I believe the most important thing we can do in life is to do good things for one another. Few seem to realize this. You, however, do. My thanks to you.

Best Friend Reward

  • Desk - Torii blueprint
  • His Green Samurai Outfit and a Red/Blue version

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