Grandma Ruthie is a kind (although a bit greedy) elderly woman who owns and manages her own cookie company. She always is trying to market her cookies in your town, Spookane and in the town that hosts festivals.


  • Grandma Ruthie depicts different pairs of glasses in MySims and MySims Kingdom. Also, she has different mouths and voices in between the two games, and a different dress (as seen to the left).
  • In MySims Agents, there is a poster in the Industrial District advertising Ruthie's cookies.
    • The picture on the poster is the same picture that was on the bulletin board on Spookane in MySims Kingdom.
  • Ruthie had a shop at Cowboy Junction, until all her flour was stolen, most likely by Rusty.
  • In MySims Party, along with Star, Ruthie is the only Sim to change her voice.
  • Grandma Ruthie name might be based on the woman who invented the chocolate chip cookies: Ruth Graves Wakefield.
  • Ruthie appears in SimCity Creator as the Health & Education Advisor for the city.

Foreign NameEdit

  • English: Grandma Ruthie
  • Spanish: Abuela Ruth
  • Dutch: Oma Afke
  • German: Oma Rita
  • Japanese: ルーシーおばあちゃん
  • French: Mamie Paulette

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