RoyPortal Roy

Character Info Edit

Role Furniture salesman

Roy is the furniture salesman in your town on an island in Roland's kingdom. He is polite, gentle, and more quiet compared to his friend, Sharon, who believes they are competitors. Roy wishes to be the royal supplier to King Roland, and his wish is granted the day King Roland sends him a letter requesting some furniture.

Profile Edit

Name: Roy

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Occupation: Furniture Seller

Description: The consummate furniture salesman: polite and dull. Friends with Sharon.

Character EventsEdit

Roy's DreamEdit

Not a lot of customers since the commotion in town started. Cheer him up!

New StuffEdit

He's received more quality furniture. Go to the shop to check out the new products!

Give Out BalloonsEdit

To attract more customers, Roy has decided to start handing out balloons. Help him out!

Letter from the KingEdit

The King has asked for a preferred piece of furniture.

Help Roy pick one to deliver.

Royal Supplier!Edit

Since Roy was able to please the King with his furniture, he has become an official royal supplier. He's overjoyed.

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